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Other Stories and Works in Progress...

--Busted Babysitter
A humorous chapter book for boys

--Orville Wrong and the Underground Fliers
A middle grade low fantasy flying adventure.

--Playing with the Runts
A middle grade novel set in the 70's that is just as much a sports story (basketball) as it is a coming of-age-story; deals with a girl's deep-seated fear of growing up and gender confusion.

--GĀ­iving the Runts a Run for Their Money
Another middle grade basketball story, sequel to Playing with the Runts.

--A girls' basketball series with stories ranging from older middle grade to YA...
Contemporary girls' basketball stories featuring a main character who is obsessed with basketball. I have 6 stories planned and have written good portions of 4 of them. Now that I have a better idea of what needs to be laid down for each story to work, I am concentrating on finishing the first. The series ends with a YA love story; I am trying to make it an "un-gooshy" love story, one that I could've stomached when I was a teen.